Osprey Pendant

in 9ct gold


Duncan M. Watt

Gold osprey pendant, an example of wildlife jewellery

John Baxter asked me to design an Osprey pendant and brooch in gold and in silver.   See detail.
My pencil had already caught the 'fishing moment'. This would be the basis of my jewellery design.
2004 is the Golden Jubilee of the return of the Osprey to Scotland.
The pendant and brooch are now on sale at the RSPB's Osprey Viewing Centre at Loch Garten, and will be available from other retail outlets soon.
Or contact duncan@spectrus.co.uk to purchase.

Osprey Art


thumbnail of painting of three ospreys in a nest with a fourth flying in (link) Painting of an osprey with fish Thumbnail of sketch of osprey fishing Thumbnail of osprey nest at Loch Garten (link) Thumbnail of young osprey on ground (link) thumbnail of young osprey on ground (link)

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