Drawing in Concert

  Drawings made 'live' in concert by Duncan M Watt.


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cats link to 34k image Baker Street: link to 46k image Broadway link to 39k image CC Rider link to 36k image ciss link to 44k file
Fraser Speirs: link to 33k imageEvelyn Glennie mono; link to 38k image Evelyn Glennie: link to 38k image Evelyn Glennie link to 38k image Flute: link to 24k image
Fraser Speirs: link to 31k image Hi!  link to 35k image Jack: link to 40k image Jump:  link to 42k image Evelyn Glennie: link to 29k file
Leopard dance: link to 30k file Lord won't you buy me: link to 35k image Lord won't you buy me 2: link to 34k image Ode to Billie Joe: link to 36k image Road to: link to 35k image
Red Gong: link to 58k file RSNO: link to 22k image Sporano: link to 33k image Summer time: link to 40k image God bless the child

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