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Equus quagga     Punda milia
Zebra sketch - 8Kb

If there is a pattern on the plains of Africa, it is Zebra.
While each individual is unique in its stripes, family groups bear similarities.
But when Zebras are in excited motion, the black and white lines dance in confusion, quite bewildering to the predator and artist. Only by faithful perseverance, holding my eye on the creature, do I reap the reward, upon later glancing down, to see my 'quarry' visible on the page.

When the animals are standing still in the heat of the day, it is surprisingly, actually more difficult to maintain that faithful vision, because the strong contrast of the stripes tires the eye.

The two drawings below show the resulting difference of quality.
The two animals in the waterhole are seen as inseparable from their habitat, where they combine with the water and the trees in a continuously flowing line from animal to animal and from ripple to reflection.

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Line drawing/sketch of zebras - 11Kb
Sketch of two zebras in water - 6Kb Pencil drawing of zebra from behind - 9Kb

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